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Re: [spr10678] Empty command?

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  Date: Mon, 25 Apr 1994 15:17:59 -0700
  From: Curt Eggemeyer <>

  Users are complaining that if they hit a <return> on a blank or empty command
  prompt within the application, they are annoyed by message about attempting
  to complete on a null string.  Is there a way to avoid that?  This applies
  to both CLIM 1&2.

This is fixed in ACL CLIM 2.0 final (in fact I believe it has been fixed
since beta2). I just tried it out with the Address Book demo and hitting
return at the "Command: " simply gives a new prompt. If you're running CLIM
2.0 final and still get the problem, could you send me a self-contained
test case.

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