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I running ACL 4.2 final on a sparc 10.  As part of a frame which inherits
commands from another frame, I am using the frame option

   (:disabled-commands (com-set-view-detail))

where com-set-view-detail is one of the commands I'm inheriting.  However,
this command does not disable (it still appears in my menus, and it
is still typable at the command prompt).  I am assuming that this should
work the same as doing a (setf (command-enabled 'com-set-view-detail frame) nil)
while running the frame (which in fact does work), but it doesn't
seem to do anything.

(I've also tried (:disabled-commands '(com-set-view-detail)), and
(:disabled-commands `(,com-set-view-detail)), which seem to also have
no effect).

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

... Rick Duffy

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