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Re: menu-bar

   Date:	Wed, 4 May 1994 17:32:33 -0700
   From:	Colin Meldrum <>
   Cc:	Myriam Abramson x7815 <>,

   In Allegro CLIM 2.0 you can use the pane abbreviation :MENU-BAR (as opposed
   to :COMMAND-MENU which will get you old CLIM 1 style menus) rather than
   having to explicitly create the pane eg

So, what are the odds on vendor-specific extensions like this getting
re-integrated into all the CLIM implementations?  Did the design of
this take into account how it might be realized on other platforms?
Is an extension like this considered to be of enough value to require
licensing arrangements with the other vendors, or can it get shared
pretty easily?

Of course, I don't have to tell you where I stand on these issues, but
I thought that I'd raise the point as a way of publicly checking the
state of things.  I think everyone loses in the long run when
individual vendors extend outside the spec, even when those extensions
are good ideas in and of themselves.

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