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Displaying 16-bit fonts on CLIM

   Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 16:23:30 -0700
   Posted-Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 16:23:30 -0700

	   I am using Lucid CLIM 2.0 beta, LCL v.4.1.1 DBCS.

	   Does anyone know how to display other languages (eg. Japanese)
   in CLIM?

   ; Set the text style to a specific font??
   (setq *kanji-text-style* (clim:make-text-style :kanji :roman :normal))
   (setf (clim:text-style-mapping (clim:find-port) *kanji-text-style*) "kana14")

   This should set the font, right? 
   With this, the Japanese characters came out as weird hexagonal shape characters.

   But how about the coding system? 
   Do I need to specify the coding system, if so, how?

I see that nobody ever replied to this.

CLIM has the necessary stubs in it to allow this to work, but the real
work of implementing true character sets has never been done.  It is
not hard to do this -- it just hasn't been done.  I don't believe that
trying to shoehorn Kanji into the current text style scheme will work.


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