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clim 2 - the further adventures ...

   Date: Thu, 26 May 1994 17:17-0400
   From: Richard Billington <>

   I need to have a couple of slots associated with an application pane. In CLIM
   1, I specified that the type of the pane was :application, but that the
   :window-class was my-own-pane-type, which was a clos class inheriting from
   sheet-window-stream (in genera, or the appropriate window stream class in
   other implementations) and including the slots I needed.

   In Clim-2 I'd like to do the same thing (functionally), but I don't know how
   to go about doing it. What I tried was specifying the pane using
   make-clim-stream-pane, saying the :type was my-pane-type with that being a clos
   class as above, but inheriting from clim-stream-pane. This apparently doesn't
   work (I've tried it only under Genera). It complains that the :borders keyword
   is invalid  - I'm creating unbordered panes - and it complains about the
   :scroll-bars keyword. It would seem I'm going about things incorrectly.

You are defining a class like this:

 (defclass my-pane-type (clim-stream-pane) (slots...))

and then doing this in your define-application-frame:

 (make-clim-stream-pane 'my-pane-type options...)

That should work.  It's exactly what CLIM does internally.


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