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CLIM clipping to postscript stream doesn`t work

Finally getting back to this:

Here is an example that fails on Genera and Allegro, CLIM2.

(defun draw-sucker ()
  (with-open-file (file-stream ""
			       :direction :output
			       :if-exists :new-version)
		  (let* ((xmin 0) (ymin 0) (xmax 200) (ymax 200)
			 (clip-region (clim::make-bounding-rectangle xmin ymin xmax ymax)))
		     (stream file-stream)
		     (clim::draw-rectangle* stream xmin ymin xmax ymax :filled nil)
		     (clim::draw-line* stream 0 0 500 500 
				       :line-thickness 3
				       :clipping-region clip-region)))))


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