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Tracking pointer problem ...

I have some code which uses tracking-pointer for both :keyboard and :pointer-button-press
input. When this code is called directly it runs great. When this code is called from
a function which includes a call to clim:with-menu I can't get any keyboard input,
only :pointer-button-press input is available. This would make some sense to me if
the call to my function were within the scope of the clim:with-menu code, but it is
not. Is the with-menu macro somehow leaving something around in the dynamic environment
that is causing my tracking-pointer to ignore keyboard input, or that is eating it
itself? This is my best guess, by I find nothing on the stack to suggest that this
is the case.

This is CLIM 2.1, Genear 8.3 - a rather suspect environment I'm afraid.


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