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Q: Clisp on Dos or Linux?

I will begin soon with my master thesis and I have the following problem:
I will have to use the hybrid knowledge representation system COLAB which has
been developped here (DFKI at the University of Kaiserslautern) on a PC (386 or 486). To run COLAB on a PC forces us to use a Lisp-Dialect available for PC, 
like CLisp. The decision, whether to use the Clisp version under DOS or under
Linux (which has not yet been installed in the Enterprise where I will make the master thesis) depends on the fact how difficult it is to write a nice, inter-
active User Interface with it. Therefore I have the following questions:

1. Which user interface toolkits for Lisp-Systems, which are freely available
can be used under Clisp with DOS and which under Clisp with Linux
(for example: CLX, CLUE, Garnet, XIT, ... or the corresponding tools under DOS/
Windows)? Information about experience with such a toolkit would be also very 
2. Are there any publicly available hypertext browser and hypertext editors (an interface to clisp is not strictly required) and/or a cross-referencer under DOS or Linux?

I know that Linux seems to be the more promising OS, but is has the disadvantage, that in order to make COLAB run on another PC one has to install first the 
whole Linux-System (with very much hd-capacity needed). That's why I would like 
to gather also some information about Clisp under DOS.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Bjoern Hoefling (hoefling@dfki.uni-kl.de)