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Frank Gleason <frankg@halcyon.com> observes that the port of CLX to CLISP uses
the variable system::*big-endian* and the functions system::getenv,
system::make-socket-stream, system::read-n-bytes, system::write-n-bytes.

system::getenv and system::make-socket-stream should be there in any case.
The other three I have added to CLISP around November 1992, especially
with CLX in mind.

>  I'm using clisp on Linux, I think the version is 2.6, and pcl+clx.sept92f.

A version number "2.6" is unknown to me. Try (LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION).
If you get something before January 1993, then upgrade. New Linux binaries
are on tsx-11.mit.edu (/pub/linux/packages/lisp/ or something like this) and
ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de /pub/lisp/clisp/linux/.

>  Also if I get this working will garnet run under clisp?

I can't promise anything, as I have only 8 MB RAM and this isn't enough for
compiling garnet. Did anyone get through it?

                    Bruno Haible