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Version 1993-11-08 under Linux

I've compiled version 1993-11-08 for Linux and found a minor bug:
in unixconf.h, SHMAT_CONST should be defined to nothing.

Also, with this configuration:

     Linux 0.99.13 ALPHAr
     libc 4.4.4   gcc 2.4.3

I got a SIGSEGV after the "Bye" message when it quit.  I traced this to
somewhere at the end of main().  Not having the time to recompile everything
-g, I just recompiled spvw.c with -g.  (I had been compiling with -O2 -m486).
This version of the lisp.run did not cause the segfault.  I'm assuming it's
an optimization bug in gcc 2.4.3; spvw.c is the only file I had to compile
with optimization off.

I will investigate further.  I'm installing gcc 2.5.4 tonight.

I just got my copy of CLtL2 and having CLISP to use it with is heavenly.
Kudos to Bruno and Michael!