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Problem with .FAS file on SunOS4

  I have a SunOS4 '.fas' file that I am having trouble using. When
I first tried loading it I got the message:

*** - This file was produced by another lisp version, must be recompiled.

Since I do not have the source code for this file, and being a bit
of a hacker, I thought I would have a look at the file. The first thing
that struck me was a number that looked suspiciously like a date in
the first line. So I compiled a simple file and compared them. Sure
enough this number had changed. I then decided to alter the date in
the original '.fas' file to be the same as in the simple one.

The file now starts to load but I then get the following message:

*** - UNUSE-PACKAGE: argument should be a package or a package name, not #<UNBOUND>

The original '.fas' file has a first line of:
and the simple one of:

Does this mean that I cannot use this file, or can I get a copy of an
earlier compiler to run it on.

Thanks for any help,


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