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RE: Garnet 3.0 Speedup anyone?

I am using Garnet 2.2 with CLISP and Linux and the application using it runs fairly 
slowly on my 486/33 with 20MB RAM.  The Garnet FAQ states that Garnet runs quite 
slowly on CLISP.  So I doubt you did anything wrong compiling it.  If you're 
looking for a faster LISP for Garnet - skip AKCL (Austin Kyoto CL) - also very 
slow.  The FAQ recommends CMU Lisp, unfortunately it doesn't run on Intel 
Name: Thomas Gerard Provenzano
E-mail: us001513@pop3.interramp.com (Thomas Gerard Provenzano)
Date: 06/26/95
Time: 21:27:09

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