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Producing flow-charts (tree/graph)?

>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Perucci <pperucci@access.digex.net> writes:

Phil>   Has anyone found any tools available on the 'net which make it
Phil> easy to draw flow-charts, especially of trees and graphs
Phil> characteristic of information/knowledge representation in Lisp
Phil> programs?

In my "Prime Time Freeware for AI" CD catalog I see that the 
AI respository lists lang/lisp/code/tools/psgraph.  Might be useful.
The AI repository is ftp.cs.cmu.edu:/afs/cs.cmu.edu/project/ai-repository/ai.

One powerful tool (but not written in Lisp) is vcg.  It is available from
ftp.cs.uni-sb.de:/pub/graphics/vcg.  You'll need to format your data
for it, but that it easy enough to do.  I think the CS depeartment of the
University of Washington has some graphing stuff, you'll need to lurk
around a bit, I can't remember the exact path (ftp.cs.washington.edu).

There is a NEXTSTEP program called "Wood" that reads Lisp.  I think
source code is available.  Somewhere at ftp.cs.orst.edu:/pub/next.