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[Q] lisp-file-types definition

    hi all,

	I have trouble with the following code. 

(defconstant lisp-file-types
  ;; Thanks to PCL for providing all this info
  #+(and Genera imach)                `("lisp" 		"ibin")
  #+(and Genera (not imach))          `("lisp" 		"bin")
  #+CLOE-Runtime		      `("l"		"fas")
  #+Minima			      `("lisp"		"mebin")
  #+(and dec common vax (not ultrix)) `("LSP"		"FAS")
  #+(and dec common vax ultrix)       `("lsp"		"fas")
  #+KCL                               `("lsp"		"o")
  #+xerox                             `(("lisp" "cl" ""),il:fasl.ext)
  #+(and lucid MC68000) `(("lisp" "cl")	,lcl:*load-binary-pathname-types*)
  #+(and lucid VMS) 	`(("lisp" "cl")	,lcl:*load-binary-pathname-types*)
  #+(and lucid SPARC) 	`(("lisp" "cl")	,lcl:*load-binary-pathname-types*)
  #+excl		`(("lisp" "cl")		,excl:*fasl-default-type*)
  #+ibcl                `(("lisp" "lsp")  "o")
  #+lispworks 		`("lisp"	,ccl::*binary-file-type*)
  #+prime               `("lisp"	"pbin")
  #+hp                  `("l"		"b")
  #+TI                  `("lisp"	"xfasl")
  #+ccl                 `("lisp"        "fasl")
  #+cmu		     `("lisp" ,(c:backend-fasl-file-type c:*target-backend*)))

	clisp's opinion is that.

*** - The macro DEFCONSTANT may not be called with 1 arguments

	I am running clisp on a sunsparc 2 with sun4os. Compi-
lation with Allegro Common Lisp has led to different errors,
this system seems to be content with the above lines.

	Has anybody any hints what lisp-file-types should
look like? Or which line is the best for me and what #+ words
I have to change to make it work?

	Thanx in advance!			Matthias

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