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CLISP, Linux (NT?) and life?


  I recently switched (added actually) a Linux box, primarily to run CLISP.
Now I see a posting about about CLISP running on the Evil Empire's OS 
(NT) - yes, I saw the older DOS binary too...

  While I still run Windows95 on one box, I was just wondering about the 
evolving "culture" and/or "philosophy" here.  Will 1) CLISP development 
continue (the sunsite.unc.edu binary is from summer of '94) and will 2) 
Unix continue to be a "preferred" platform?  I dumped my NT coding efforts 
in Visual C++, thinking AI researchers still preferred Lisp and Unix.

  Are even researchers and universities gravitating to the not-so-free 
world of Microsoft?

  Currently I use Patrick Henry Winston's books "Artificial Intelligence" 
and "Lisp" for my fundamental approaches.  Is there a more "hip" AI guru 
these days?

 Phil Perucci ......... pperucci@access.digex.net ........ Systems Integrator 
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