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bridge error in clisp-hs in lisp-interface program

>>>>> "Benjamin" == bshults  <bshults@fireant.ma.utexas.edu> writes:

Benjamin> Try it out.  You should get "it works" printed in the
Benjamin> minibuffer.

> (in-package :util) (emacs-eval `(message ,(quote-string "it works")))

Benjamin> This works in allegro and gcl (and lucid, I think).  This
Benjamin> does not work in clisp-hs (on my system).  If you get it to
Benjamin> work with clisp-hs, please let me know.

Huh, it works for me on emacs-19.30/Irix 5.3.  
If I can reproduce the problem, I'll fix the problem, so...

  o What version of Emacs?
  o What kind of machine / OS are you running it on?
  o Version of CLISP?  clisp-1995-12-08?