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March 7 1996

This is the first list I subscribe to. I don' t know very well how mailing lists work.
When I subscribed this list, I gave not my full name (Marco Eccettuato), but only Marco.
How can I fix my error, without unsubscribe the list? Please help me!

I' m very interested in Common Lisp, and I think CLISP is the best Common Lisp implementation
I have seen so far. I use Common Lisp at the University and also at home, because I like
Common Lisp very much and I want to learn it at best.

The best book about Common Lisp I know about is Lisp 3rd Edition, from M.I.T. (I don' t
remember the two authors, perhaps Berthold Klaus Horn or something similar is one of
them). This is an excellent book about Common Lisp, Artificial Intelligence, and other
key issues of the programming world, all implemented in our language.

I' d like to get CLtL2, and I have already found any sites where it is, but I heard that
another ANSI Common Lisp standard is forthcoming: is it true? and in the case, where can
I ftp it?

Marco Eccettuato