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Re: Spanish Translation of CLisp

>>>>> "CLL" == Carlos Linares <clinares@delicias.dia.fi.upm.es> writes:

CLL> 9. What's a "Srmount error"?

     69  ESRMNT   Srmount error
            This error  is  RFS  specific.   It  occurs  when  an
            attempt is made to stop RFS while resources are still
            mounted by remote machines, or  when  a  resource  is
            readvertised with a client list that does not include
            a remote machine  that  currently  has  the  resource

CLL> 14. The message "Too many references: can't splice" is
CLL> untranslated in DEUTSCH and FRANCAIS, why? must I translate it or
CLL> not? (file error.d, line 1567). Does this message mean the same
CLL> than "Too many references: can't join"?

I don't know, it sounds as if it is trying to put a reference in to a
list of limited length.  Also, Linux has both this #define and the
previous one, but doesn't seem to use either one.

CLL> 15. (This question is specially directed to Marcus, because he
CLL> "gettext"ized clisp) The tag "[end]cannot close" (file spvw.d,
CLL> line 986) contains no text!!!!:

Sometimes CLISP forms a single message in pieces.  In this case the
text to translate is the text of the other language(s), not the `key'
itself.  Only when you see the [start]/[end] text, should one study
the other DEUTSCH/ENGLISH/FRANCAIS text.  If it seems there are cases
where new tags are needed (e.g. [middle], [2nd], [3rd]) for accurate
translation to Spanish, let me know.