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Re: that old dinner bell ringing

    From: mbm@caf.MIT.EDU (Mike McIlrath)
    To: Gregor.pa
    Subject: Re:  that old dinner bell ringing

    Actually, I'd be curious to know how you compiled this in excl.  I
    and got as far as fsc-low, and then in compiling
    got EXCL::FN_LOCALS is not a know location specifier for setf.  Any

    I am running the current Vax ExCL (1.5.vax.5) of 2/20/87.

You should get a new copy of the file fsc-low.lisp from

Anyone else trying to use PCL in the 1.5 or older versions of ExCL
should also get a copy of this file.  People using other Lisp versions
should not bother to get a new copy of fsc-low.

I have updated the file /pub/pcl/tar/tarfile to include this new version
of fsc-low.