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Here's the deal on Vaxyma:

I spoke to JM this afternoon and the method of obtaining Vaxyma is as follows:

  1) Obtain a license agreement from LCS for Vaxyma.  Write to  

		Professor Joel Moses
		The Laboratory for Computer Science
		545 Tech Square.
		Cambridge, Mass.

   2) Have the agreement reviewed by you university counsel and sign it and
      return it.

They send you a tape, I assume.  Price:  Vaxyma is free to universities (I
did not get figures for businesses) but (and here's the catch) you MUST pay
a $2000/yr. support fee which includes software support and consulting.

If you just have some differentials to run a better idea is to get a multics
accound for a mere $4/hr line time by calling the multics admin people at

-- May all your series converge.