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associative methods

In Dylan there are a number of method's that take an unlimited number
of arguments and convert to `binary' methods (e.g., = translates to
binary=).  Unfortunately, there is no way for a user to define their
own and I'm positive that users are going to want their own.  Sure,
one can simulate this conversion, but it is inefficient (i.e., conses
#rest list on heap and is performed at run-time).

One way to make this facility available to users would be to introduce
a new construct such as `define-associative-method' for this facility.
Instead of defining two methods (e.g., = and binary=), one would only
define the binary method and the associative method would be
automatically wrapped around -- all in a very efficient fashion.
There are remaining details to be specified and there is probably
another way to achieve what I want -- any ideas?

-- jonathan bachrach

31, rue Saint-Merri
F75004 Paris, France