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re: Questions:

>Date: Sat, 3 Oct 92 16:45:53 PDT
>From: rme@olympia.msi.com (Richard M. Emberson)
>To: info-dylan@cambridge.apple.com
>Subject: Questions:
>Cc: rme@olympia.msi.com
>First, is this an active mailing group?


>Next, assuming that it is, I have a *real* need to find out *real* soon if Dylan can be 
>	integrated with C++. Specifically, can a Dylan wrapper be put around a C++
>	class hierarchy? I need to know within 2-4 weeks if a new product has any hope at
>	all of basing its integration on Dylan.

Integrating with C++ is not a feature of Dylan per se - it's up to each
implementor to provide or not as they choose. We designed Dylan with
C/C++ integration in mind, so we sure hope implementors choose to provide this.

>Lastly, any idea when/if commercially support implementations will be available?

None have been officially announced yet.