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Newton and Dylan

PC Week August 17 1992

"the Cupertino, Calif., company also plans to use it to develop applications
for its Newton personal digital assistant, officials said.

MacWEEK June 22 1992

"Apple told developers gathered at a closed-session briefing here last week
that the new language would let them build compact applications on many
platforms, including the Macintosh, Unix workstations and the company's
recently announced Newton Personal Digital Assistants, sources said."

Release 1.0 June 15 1992

"Newton, by contrast, is implemented in C and C++ and runs on the ARM 610 RISC
chip (for now).  It will eventually offer its own development tools and 
scripting language, but Apple is vague on that right now.  One candidate is
Dylan, a so-far-experimental LISP-like language user development at Apple's
Advanced Technology Group.  Its main advantage over LISP is that it is a
language, not an environment, and can work easily in standard operating
environments (or in Newton's)."

PC Week June 1 1992

"Earlier in the week, Apple revealed that its Advanced Technology Group had
developed Dylan, a programming language for developing PDA applications."

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