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Re: Monthly FAQ Posting

>Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1992 11:02:09 +0100
>From: Tom Gordon <thomas@hera.gmd.de>
>To: info-dylan@cambridge.apple.com
>Subject: Re: Monthly FAQ Posting
>I may have been mistaken about Byte, but the German language MACup magazine's
>report on Newton was very clear (MACup, September, 1992, page 58):

I'm sure MACup magazine is a very nice magazine, but they are not authorized
to speak on Apple's behalf about Newton plans. For that matter, I'm not authorized
either. That's why we just want to talk about Dylan on this list.

>Correction:   Alan Kay, not Larry Tesler, is the father of the Dynabook
>idea.  Sorry for the misinformation. Does anyone know what Alan Kay is
>up to these days?

Alan Kay is an Apple Fellow, and aside from having an active lecture
schedule, oversees advanced research projects within Apple. Most notable is
his Vivarium project, which concerns learning environments for young children.