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Newton and Dylan

I am not sure where this thread is heading, nor am I sure whether it can
justify its bandwidth.

The Dylan FAQ quite clearly discourages people from assuming that Dylan is
dependent upon Newton, or vice versa.  A number of (respected and
respectable!) Apple employees have spelled out that they are not authorised
to make any further comment.  Both products are clearly important and
sensitive issues, and neither has been released.

So why the desperate need to try to draw an Apple employee to agree to an
association?  Neither do I see it fulfilling any useful purpose - if Dylan
implementations do become successful, I am sure that Dylan will be offered
on every hardware platform possible, including Newton.

In the meantime, I for one would rather get on with the here and now of
discussing Dylan, leaving matters Newton to private discussions with the
Newton Developer support scheme.  Please (and remembering that this is a
group mail list, and not a newsgroup)?

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