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Re: Re2: MCL support for MOP

    Date: Mon, 11 Jan 93 14:15:59 EST
    From: bhyde@gensym.com (Ben A. Hyde)
    Any quoted symbol in the source may have symbol-function applied
    sooner or latter.

I think the right way to look at this that eval is not the problem,
symbol-function is.  Eval is only problematic in that it is itself a
caller of symbol-function.  (For tree-shaking, that is; eval has
other problems).

In fact, in my coding style, I avoid symbol-function.  I tend
to write macros that define functions, and then store the function
itself in a data-structure, or write #'foo instead of 'foo.

If you use symbol-function, who knows what you might end up
running?  ;=)

Using the symbol-function style also imoses a paging working-set