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Re2: MCL support for MOP

> Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1993 15:30:49 -0500
> From: Bob Kerns <rwk@world.std.com>

> In fact, in my coding style, I avoid symbol-function.  I tend
> to write macros that define functions, and then store the function
> itself in a data-structure, or write #'foo instead of 'foo.

> If you use symbol-function, who knows what you might end up
> running?  ;=)

On the flip side, I couldn't live without symbol-function. When I
incrementally redefine a function symbol in a file (e.g. defun of foo),
I don't want to go have to recompile every #' mention of the function, I
want the newest version always. Sure, it loses in the face of a macro,
but that's just another reason to try to avoid macros (or at least get
them right the first time :-).