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Re: Another Fred suggestion suggestion suggestion

   From: malczews%aludra.usc.edu@usc.edu (Frank Malczewski)

   Granted that what the tab key does in MACL is quite a handy feature, but
   what I would really like to see is a hard tab feature incorporated into
   Fred, for example, command-tab, to allow real tabs to be inserted, for
   such things as easily aligning comments.

Doesn't control-q tab work?

Anyway, I'd like to see MACL's Fred become more gnuemacs-like, with things
like mode-dependent key bindings (e.g., in text-mode the tab is bound to
tab instead of lisp-indent, etc.).

Also, Fred should implement CLtL's recommendations for comments (page 348,
1st edition). (Doesn't it already?) An addition I usually make is a 
single semicolon in the left margin doesn't indent with tab or c-m-q. (This
allows one to write a function #'comment-out-region which sticks a semicolon
at the beginning of each line in the region.)