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Problems with _SetStylScrap


I have been looking into using Matt Cornell's stylized editable text dialog
items into our system. To do so I need to save the font information for the
runs so that when I bring dialog back I can reset the fonts appropriately. I
found a way to extract the style information for the runs and I am now trying
to find out the bext way to reinitialize the styles for the runs. 

Matt had a commented out function to set the font for a range of text. In
this function there is a call the _SetStylScrap (in particular:
(_SetStylScrap :long start :long end
                        :ptr new-StScrapRec-handle :ptr dialog-item-handle)
where new-StScrapRec-handle is a stScrpHandle and dialog-item-handle is a
TEhandle (at least as best I can tell). For whatever reason, the system
always crashes when this call is made. We spent a good part of a day trying
to figure out why and are still stumped.

Does anyone know is this trap (_SetStylScrap) works and if so wht=at the
arguments should be to make it work. Any help would be appreciated?

   David Hirsch (hirsch@pw.com)