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Re: Action!


It sound like you're doing the right thing. There must be something fairly
simple that is being overlooked (by the way, I concur with you about the
Action! manual, it is obtuse in the extreme!).

Here is some code which I know is trivial but should work:

In the code which defines the OK method:

(defmethod OK ((theApp AppName) &rest ignore)
   "This method gets fired when the default button, or the return key,
    is pressed."
   some code... )

When you save an application from the Action! editor, the
APPNAME-INTERFACE.LISP should have this form in it:

(defexperinterface appname (superclass applicationedit)
    (make-experobject 'buttonobject
                     :title "whatever"
                     :framecolor :black :bodycolor :white :textcolor :black
                     (make-rect :left 14 :top 69 :right 111 :bottom 89)
                     :name :ok :action ':ok
                     :objapp self
                     :position-action :fixed)
   ... )

If this doesn't work, try burning some incense on the night of a full moon
and try again.

Good Luck,

Robert Burnard
ISX Corporation
OFFICE:(818)706-2020    FAX:(818)706-2056