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Re: Incompatible Series package

>I have been trying to load the Series package that comes with MCL2.b3,
>but I've noticed that the package is using several functions which are
>no longer supported under Common Lisp version 2, such as 'compiler-let'
>Am I missing some step in the loading process, or is there an updated
>Series package that loads under MCL2.b3?
>You can send replies to me or to the notes group, I will summarize
>any sent to me.
>John Matthews

The readme file that we will be shipping with 2.0 final will probably
be helpful:


This directory contains the files S.LISP, SDOC.TXT, and STEST.LISP, as 
obtained from the "/pub/series/" anonymous FTP directory on ftp.ai.mit.edu
on January 13, 1992.

See the file "SDOC.TXT" for general installation instructions.  Note that
the SERIES package defined in "S.LISP" uses the "LISP" (vice "COMMON-LISP")
package and that the IN-PACKAGE form near the beginning of that file
is a call to the (CLtL1) function of that name.

To compile this file in MCL, it's necessary to make sure that the "LISP"
package is defined and that the current package is some package which
uses the "LISP" package - the "USER" package, for instance.

One way of doing this is:

? (require "LISP-PACKAGE")
? (in-package "USER")
#<Package "USER">
? (load (compile-file "ccl:series;s.lisp"))
; etc.