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Re: RE: MCL 2.1

> Date: 28 Apr 92 12:07:18 U
> From: "pierce" <pierce@at-mail-server.vitro.com>
> It would be very nice if Lisp users could take advantage of user interface
> management systems other than CLIM such as XVT, MacAPP or Open Interface....
> I would like to see one of the following two things happen....
> Encouraging the development of hybrid programs would eliminate some of the
> obstacles to using LISP for delivery....

These are good suggestions.

I need to remark here that that is my personal opinion and that I am not a member 
of the MCL group and not in a position to say anything about future products.  
But since this sub-conversation started between you and me, I didn't want to 
leave you with no response from me.