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Re: parallel text dialog items

First, there was a biiiig mistake in my original code, which
should have been obvious.  See if you can spot it:

>> (defclass twin-text-item (aligned-text-dialog-item)
>>   ((brother :accessor brother :initarg :brother 
>>             :type 'text-edit-dialog-item)))
>> (defmethod key-event-handler :after ((self twin-text-item) char)
>>   (key-event-handler (brother self) char))

See it?  'key-event-handler' should have been

Given that correction, the code above works for instances of
editable-text-dialog-item, but not for instances of
text-edit-dialog-item (defined in the examples folder).  In the latter
case, duplicates of each keystroke end up going to the same view.

It seems as though keystrokes are always handled by the window's
key-event-handler.  So the following correction works:

 (defmethod view-key-event-handler :after ((self twin-text-item) char)
   ; change the window's key event handler to BROTHER's handler
   (set-key-event-handler (view-container self)
                          (key-event-handler (brother self)))
   ; process the keystroke again
   (view-key-event-handler (brother self) char)
   ; restore SELF's handler as window's key event handler
   (set-key-event-handler (view-container self) (key-event-handler

All suggestions have involved using editable-text-dialog-items, which
I will use if necessary, but the whole reason for going to text-edit-
dialog-items was to avoid the extra bulk of fred dialog items.

Anyway, thanks for the tips.

-Tom McDougal          mcdougal@cs.uchicago.edu         (312) 702-0024
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Chicago

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