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ptable bug??

I think the following Message I posted two weeks ago may never have hit
the net:

hello everybody-

I _think_ there might be a subtile bug in the ptable init:
   I just set up my Quadra on my office desk after having used it at home
for a few days.  Normally, this is not a painful reinstallation, but this
time, I wasn't able to get the ethernet connection going, that is: The
Network CDEV wasn't able to activate the ethernet connection for me, and
warned me that it selected the localtalk connection instead.
    I picked out network inits and cdevs, one after the other, restarted
between each, but still the mac responded that it couldn't set up the
ethernet connection.
As a last try (after a dozen restarts) I removed the ptable init (after
all, I didn't have _that_ the last time I reconnected the mac to the
ethernet...), and voila! it worked!
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