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Re: Doing "replace" in Fred

At  4:48 1/21/93 +0000, John Kim wrote:
>joungwoo@mensa.usc.edu (John Kim) writes:
>>I'm using MCL-2.0f and like Fred because it works almost as Emacs. But to my
>>surprise, there doesn't seem to be a way to replace (change) one string to
>>another, the feature which comes very handy in a programing environment. Am I
>>missing something?
>>Please email me.
>OK. I got it. (shame on me.) It was there in the Edit menu under SEARCH
>(command-F). My absentminded mistake was in trying to do it in EMACS fashion
>(looking for an extended, Meta-x, command.)
>Thank you for all your help.

You might also try "ccl:examples;query-replace.lisp". It's a little
more like the normal EMACS replace & query-replace commands.