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Using-save application

Date:         Fri, 22 Jan 93 11:09:16 MST
Subject:      Using save-application
To: MCL Help Line <info-mcl@CAMBRIDGE.APPLE.COM>
We are developing some software using MCL 2.0.  Recently I was able to do a
save-application on a PowerBook 180 using the following
(save-application "pathname" :size 8192)
It took about 2.5 mins to complete its task and would reload and be ready to
run in about 20 sec.  (Powerbook had virtual memory running with sufficient
allocation for this.)
I was on the road at the time and did the above to make a presentation.  When I
got home I tried the same thing on a Quadra 950, but I keep getting an error of
type -605 when I try to run the application which has been saved.  I have tried
both Cache settings on the Quadra, made sure that the :size for the saved appli
cation matches that of the lisp which created the application, made sure that
no other applications were loaded before lisp when I made the application or
when I tried to open the saved application.  It seems to have no problems
saving the application, its just that something about the saved application
is bad.
How can I get this to work on the Quadra 950??  Will I have similar problems
on a Quadra 700 or a IIci?  Please send any helpful comments to me at my
address above as I am not a regular on info-mcl.
Second question:  We find that it takes a long time for our system to compile.
In particular we have two parts which are 200 - 300 K which contain functions
that are created.  Is there anything we can do to speed up the compiling pro-
cess?  Again, please send any helpful comments to my e-mail address above.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Dewey Dykstra