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Re: Need help with memory leak and stepping thru a method

In article <2382g5$lcr@holodeck.iss.nus.sg> JooFung Wong wrote:

: I am encountering a strange problem where each invocation of my MCL program
: causes me to loose about 25K of the Mac heap (I did a gc and room before and
: after invocating the program).  And after several rounds of coding/testing,
: MCL bombs when it runs out of Mac heap space.  (The Lisp heap is OK though).
: I did traced my CLOS methods and the ones that deallocated Mac structures
: were apparently invoked.  Would you have other ideas that I can try?

I haven't found the leak yet -- any hints would still be appreciated.

: Also, could anyone tell me how the trace statement can be used to step thru'
: a CLOS method.  That is, I used
:    (trace ((:method dispose (container))))
: to trace the dispose method within my container class, but I couldn't get it
: to step through the code in the method.

Subsequently, I re-visited MCL 2.0 Release Notes and found the following:

   (trace ((:method foo (specializer)) :step t))

Sorry for taking up bandwidth with my question on trace.

JooFung Wong