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scigraph & 1 button mouse

There remain a few unresolved issues in porting scigraph to MCL 2.0/CLIM 1.1.
One of the is mouse clicks.

I tried the following modification to dwim:present.lisp without success:

  (clim:define-gesture-name :left :button :left)
  (clim:define-gesture-name :middle :button :left :shifts (:control))
  (clim:define-gesture-name :middle :button :middle)
  (clim:define-gesture-name :right :button :left :shifts (:shift))
  (clim:define-gesture-name :right :button :right))

  When the :shift or :control keys are depressed, the
  L: Edit Graph Borders & Label...; R: Menu.
  in the lower left of the window produced by (make-demo-frame)
  dissapears. The mouse click does not ellicit any action when the
  :shift or :control keys are depressed. This is true whether or not
  the above modification was made.

The following suggestions have been made.

There are no "logical" gestures in CLIM named :LEFT, :MIDDLE, or :RIGHT.

Redefine the appropriate gestures: :SELECT, :DESCRIBE, :EDIT, :DELETE,
and :MENU.

How do I do this?

Thanks, Sheldon