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Re: arg-list

[I sent this to the people directly involved in the discussion the first
time, but forgot to cc info-mcl. -Bill]

At  4:00 PM 9/24/93 -0400, Robert Bruce Findler wrote:
>Why is that functions that I define's arguments do not show up in the
>bottom of fred windows, but the arguments of functions that others have
>defined do? How can I make my functions do the same?

Thank you everyone else for your comments, but noone got the whole

*arglist-on-space* must be true for the arglists to appear at
all in the mini-buffer. This is the default.

*save-local-symbols* must be true when a function is compiled to
remember the names of its arguments so that they, instead of "arg0 arg1 ..."
will print in the mini-buffer. This also causes the names of internal
symbols to be saved so that you will see variable names in the
"Stack Backtrace" window.

If you want to save internal symbols in FASL files as well as for
functions compiled from a Fred buffer or the Listener, you need to
set *fasl-save-local-symbols* true before calling COMPILE-FILE.

To remember argument lists of macros (e.g. autoloaded trap definitions),
you need to set ccl::*save-arglist-info* true. This symbol is undocumented
and unexported due to an oversight.