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Re: arg-list

In article <Ygdbdi600iV3MADlVI@andrew.cmu.edu> Michael Burks writes:
>Excerpts from internet.listserv.info-mcl: 27-Sep-93 Re: arg-list by Tod
>> > I think he means the names of the arguments, as opposed to:
>> > 
>> > ARG0 ARG1 OPT0
>> > 
>> > I would like to know this too.
>> If this is the case, I think the below works:
>> (setf (arglist <symbol>) (arglist>)
	[etc. ...]
>This is kind of what I wanted.
>I have a machine with tons-o-memory.  I want every function that gets
>compiled to have the arglist set to the names *I* use in the function
>definition.  In the case of methods, I suppose the most general would be
>appropriate.  At this point, I have surmised that there is no switch
>that I can flip to make this happen.

The switch is *save-local-symbols*. It's one of the checkboxes in the
Environment dialog.

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