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Re: Slightly Disappointing Review of MCL 2.0 in October MacWorld :-(

In article <29bbhrINN33s@coli-gate.coli.uni-sb.de> Espen J. Vestre <espen@coli.uni-sb.de> writes:

   In article <9310060741.AA05689@ki6.informatik.uni-hamburg.de> Rainer
   Joswig, joswig@informatik.uni-hamburg.de writes:
   >   CONS: Limited interface construction tool does not include CLIM."

   I have the impression that CLIM, though excellent for developing
   cross-platform Common Lisp software is not exactly what you would use for
   specifically developing a Mac interface.  Isn't CLIM in many respects
   out-of-tune with the Macintosh Interface Guidelines?
     Would anyone who have used CLIM extensively like to comment on this?

CLIM was designed from the outset as a toolkit for writing portable
Lisp applications to be delivered across multiple platforms.  It is
not intended as a replacement for the Mac toolbox.

CLIM has some interesting UI techniques of its own, and later versions
of CLIM support some level of "look and feel" integration with the
native window system.  However, if your primary goal is to write a
Mac-specific application in Lisp and the application isn't going to be
ported to other platforms, then you should use MCL's existing
excellent interface to the toolbox.