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Re: TCP examples for MCL 2.0

At  8:43 PM 10/14/93 -0400, cmking@MIT.EDU wrote:
>I've been trying to run the netnews reader in the TCP examples
>included with MCL 2.0.  Every time I try to connect to the
>default server (cambridge.apple.com) though, it crashes with
>an error:
>> Error:  TCP open failed
>> While executing: CCL::%TCP-CONTROL
>Have there been some modifications made to the netnews server
>since the release of these examples?

The error message means that no one is answering your connection
attempt.   The host cambridge.apple.com doesn't handle news service
(although it used to).  You should type in the name of a host at your
site which does.  (We have one internally here at Apple which I don't
think is accessible to outsiders which I use with this example code
almost daily.)

>Or to put it more bluntly, why is this happening?
>-Chris King