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Re: New MCL 2.0.1 patches at camridge.apple.com

I have uploaded a new version of the "2.0 -> 2.0.1.sea.hqx" file
to the anonymous FTP server at cambridge.apple.com in the directory
"/pub/mcl2/patches/". If you were able to successfully UnHQX the
first version, you probably don't need to get this one.

A couple of people could not convert the BinHex file with Fetch and
DeHQX. I used Stuffit instead of BinHex4 to the conversion this time,
and that seems to have made Fetch happy.

If you downloaded the first version within an hour or so of when you
got my message on Wednesday, you may have gotten a script that copied the
"ptable" init to the wrong directory. Look for a sub-folder of your
"ccl:" folder named <hd>, where <hd> is the name of the disk containing
your "ccl:" folder. I fixed that problem about an hour after my first

The new upload contains an additional paragraph in the *README* file
warning Centris 610 & Centris 630 users that they may have to install
one of the resource patches by hand to even run MCL 2.0 on their

Bill St. Clair