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Re: MCL2.0.1: MMU3-for-IIci & ResEdit

At 11:24 PM 11/10/93 +0000, Will Taylor wrote:
>I tired to apply MMU3 with ResEdit to MCL2.0.1, as per the
>instructions -- but the size of the MMU3 I have is 1926, rather
>than the 1840 listed in the documentation.  Is this a problem?
>Also,  a minor nit.  The built 2.0.1 from my 2.0p2, since I did not
>have all the .fasl's on-line.  After I save the new application as
>MCL2.0.1, the welcome message when I bring it up says it is still
>version 2.0p2.  Is there something that needs to be set to make the
>welcome message say version 2.0.1?

I apologize for my non-response to your first message.

The documentation that you have is incorrect. The size of the MMU3
resource should be 1926. I updated the 2.0->2.0.1 procedure a couple
of times because I fixed a last-minute bug that made the first 2.0.1
work incorrectly on the "av" Macs. I also decided that the build
instructions were too complicated and error-prone, so I made an
automatic build procedure which I uploaded to the anonymous FTP
server at cambridge.apple.com as the file:


If you did not use this archive to do your update, I suggest that
you get that file and use it for the update. It fixes both the
documented size of the new MMU3 resource and the problem with the
version string. The auto-update procedure expects to be run in an
"MCL 2.0" as distributed. If you want to install it into "MCL 2.0p2"
you can comment out the following two lines in the file "make-201.lisp":

             (load (merge-pathnames "mcl2.0p1.fasl" *update-dir*))
             (load (merge-pathnames "mcl2.0p2.fasl" *update-dir*))

Bill St. Clair