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Re: specializing menu-item appearance

In article <93Dec1.164655est.144404@explorer-en.dgp.toronto.edu> markt@dgp.toronto.edu ("Mark A. Tapia") writes:
>On Wed Dec  1, Kardan Kaveh asks"
> Is there an equivalent of view-draw-contents for menu-items?
>There is a view-draw-contents method for a pop-up-menu (see library/


>Kardan wants to change the font of a menu and specify keyboard equivalents.
>The interface tools (ift) package allows you to create a menu easily.
>If you want to add command key equivalents, examine the following code fragment
>defining the *file-menu* with the standard menu items. You don't
>need to redefine the view-draw-contents. The apple interface guidelines
>sppecify that the menu font should be Chicago 12 for the menu-bar menus.

Some applications will use, for example, command-d as a keyboard equivalent
for one menu-item, and shift-command-d for another.  In the latter case, the
menu item will be displayed with an up-arrow/command-glyph/D as the keyboard
equivalent.  It is this sort of thing I would like to be able to do, which
made me wonder if there was some way of taking control of the drawing of a


Kaveh Kardan