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Setting the printer page orientation

Hello all (season's greetings, etc.),

I'd like to be able to set the printer page orientation from vertical to
horizontal programmatically.

I've had a look in print-u.lisp at cambridge.apple.com, but it isn't
something that is exported.

Since I don't want to do it for a particular fred file but for all printing
on a particular application, saving the whole thing as a resource attached
to a file doesn't quite work either.

I had a delve around the actual printer style structure and it appears that
there is a particular field that has the orientation, but when you change
this from the dialog, the height and width of the page  (as well as loads
of other values) change too (i.e., it doesn't just use the orientation to
interpret the two values as either width or height).

Anyone come up with a simple way of doing this?



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