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Re: Upgrading to MCL 2.0?

> From: bill@fcca.csi.com (Bill McDonald
> Subject: Re: Upgrading to MCL 2.0?
> > From: chanson@mtlookitthat.chi.il.us (Chris Hanson)
> > 
> > Then why does my new APDA catalog, which came about two days ago, list
> > 'Macintosh Common Lisp v.2.0.1 Update (B0753LL/B, $200) with a note
> > underneath saying
> I tried call on this too but ADPA quoted me $500!!!
> I have the Mac Allegro CL v1.3.[12].  I really don't
> think that ADPA is serving us all that well.

I'll follow up on this with APDA.  Unfortunately, because of the holidays
and MacWorld, it will probably take until the second week in January to get
it sorted out.  I'll post a message when I have more info.