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Re: defsystem ?

At 18:58 09/01/94 -0500, Peggy Eaton wrote:
>   I'm interested in using a defsystem utility in MCL - I'm new
>  to MCL so maybe one already exists -- I've tried porting Mark
>  Kantrowitz's Defsystem (a portable Make Facility for Common
>  Lisp) -- but after a couple of hours of foolin' with it I decided
>  to ask around before messing with the code any further.  
>  I have a pretty big set of modules to load and the nice thing
>  about defsystem is being able to set dependencies.  Any suggestions?
>    Peg

I did not try the MKant's defsystem which seems to be a good choice if you
want to be portable.

However, you can also download the Cartiers-contribs-1.2 from
cambridge.apple.com in the folder /pub/mcl2/contrib. Among the very useful
contribs, you will find a defsystem (called defunit) that is easy to use.
You can also download the geta-unit-browser from the same directory, it is
a interface to browse (no edition) through your units.

GETA has also posted a patch for defunit (called geta-defunit-patch) that
allows you put your unit definition anywhere in a special folder called the
working-folder (the first time you use it, you will be prompted with a
dialog that asks you to choose your working folder (where your code, units,
... are on your disk)). This folder is saved in a preference file (in the
Cartiers-contrib directory), called cc-pref.

This patch allows a kind of plug-and-play with your units.


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