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Mr. Fleishchman,

Thanks forthewarning. I too admire your very advanced methods of decision-
making in this 20th century. Of course, this is Apple COmputer making the 
decision, so I can't say that I know much aboutthat. And of course, the Aple computer company 'has' been successfyl up until now.  This decision that "you"
that is,plural, have made, will no doubt mean quite a change in the support that youwill receive from the 'COmmon Lisp' world, and at sucha time that 'COmmon
Lisp' is becoming such an ANSI standard, that the XJ3 committe and SBEMA
has supported along with I can remembert nearly 50 major corporations
in the development ofthe   ANSI standard to  Common Lsip.  I have a little
bias towards COmmon Lisp, not only it is part of my living, but also it isalso 
aprtof the living(maybe more than you and your colleagues can actually 
understand at thispoint), of the lives of those who makeup this mcl newsgroup.
As I can remember, Apple was one ofthose corporatiosn who actually supported 
the hoped for 
ANSI standard of COmon LIsp, andyou are to be highly commended for this, but
you also havea responsibility too, for the lives ofthos people who are 
actually making this standard a living--the documentation of MacCOmon Lisp
in many places talks about the Common Lisp standard-nowaskyourself a 
question? I mean you are asking a question but it is actually Apple, for you are her agent:  What profit would it be to gainthewhole world (valuewise), yet 
losse your very customers?"

Thank you,
kindly and gratefully,

I am

Clinton R. LeFort
L.S.U. School of Music
BatonRouge, La.
Home of the Contemporary Music Festival
50th Anniversary (1945-1995)