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MCL's future

Dear Mr. Fleischman:

I want to join my voice against your message. I just finish developping a
prototype of a biological neural network for my PhD. In fact we already
thought to port the prototype in C++ on Alpha station due to lack of power
from the high-end Macintosh we used. But I had the filling that our program
would work fine enough on PowerPC in MCL native code, so that I could
upgrade it and distribute it throught lots of neurophysiological and
biological research laboratories.

Your message looks as a complete stop of Apple in maintaining this product,
he will die if no upgrade. Your immediate interest is money and I can
understand it, but is it a very limited short term analysis or a long term
view ?. You have a beautiful machine coming soon, a brilliant (I say
brilliant) team of engineer (among them Steve Strazman, Bill St Clair and
many others...) and you're not able to upgrade to PowerPC ?????. That's now
six or seven monthes that people is requesting on this mailing list
information about a possible upgrade of MCL on PowerPC in native mode and
you wait until less than 30 days before the official release of PowerPC to
send message...I am offensed, and very sad to see such a decision. We don't
need to port MCL in PowerPC in emulation mode we have Quadra and MCL run
faster on these machines that will MCL run on PowerPC emulation mode.

As "TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu answer you "OUCH"...I have the same
feeling. Long life to immediate profit and to Apple Computer.


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